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  • Do you only build on the Wix platform and if so why?
    Yes. I am a Wix Partner. I specialize in working with and designing Wix websites.I have found, that Wix is a much better platform for my clients. It is cost effective, versatile, works on all devices and is great with SEO.
  • Where do I start?
    Just reach out. I won't bite and I LOVE talking to people.
  • How much does it cost?
    This is the most frequently asked question and quite frankly it is not as easy as coming up with a number in my head. Each design, each build is differnt in every way. There is no set fee. Once we discuss your vision, I will able to acurately supply you with a proposal. Once the propsal is accepted, I collect 50% of the design fee, with the balance due prior to publishing. These fees are non-refundable. Hosting of the site must be done through Wix, which is another cost charged directly by Wix. Design fees & hosting fees are seperate.
  • So, what is the process?"
    I start by discussing what you want in a website. The purpose for it. The market you want to reach. We discuss colors and themes. We discuss styles. We discuss EVERYTHING! And yes you might get tired of being grilled....but to design the site YOU see in your head.... I need to get it right in mine. The next step, and this is how I differ from other creators. I like to put together what I call a "draft" site. I like to do this before even sending a proposal, because, it allows you to see if "I got ya". The main thing in design, is being able to mesh with each other. To know I can create what you want. If you like the draft, we go from there.
  • How long will it take?
    Another popular question. Creation takes time. Depending on how intricate or simple a site is. There is a lot of back and forth between clients and designer. Once the site is complete in the eyes of the client, then we start the process of publishing it.
  • Can I use a domain I already own?
    Certainly. We can also secure one from Wix directly.
  • What about hosting?
    Since I create only with the Wix platform, the hosting must be through Wix. Either we can use a package you have already purchased in your own Wix account, or we can set that all up prior to publishing. Wix hosting fees are charges that are from Wix directly.
  • Will I own the site, once you are done with creating it?"
    YES! I create your site in my own Wix Partner account. When everything is done and we are ready to publish and balance is paid in full, I will then transfer ownership into your Wix account. Once you have ownership, I will then sign into your account and complete the publication of site by assigning your domain and Wix hosting package to the newly created site. From this point on, the site is yours and you can go in and change/update at any time. There is also an option as leaving me on as a contributor, in case you ever need help.
  • Can I see more of your work?
    Sure head on over to the portfolio page, click on a website you would like to view and then click the link. This will allow you to see live sites. You can also go to the Wix Marketplace to view my profile. If you have questions. Please feel free to contact me.
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