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Yes, we are a Wix website design agency. We  specialize in working with and designing Wix websites.


We have had previous experiences building websites using other types of website design software, such as JavaScript and WordPress, but we found that Wix was a much better platform for our clients for numerous reasons:


1. Cost effective - Wix websites, including the bespoke designs are quicker for us to build for our clients as we are focusing on the design only and not the coding. By cutting out the coding and need for a developer, we can build sites quicker and at a lower cost for our clients.


2. Versatility - The only limit to Wix websites is your imagination. Due to the advances with the Wix editor we can do most things design wise and can find workarounds for any problems. 


3. Works on all devices - Wix websites  are view-able on all devices across all web browsers and software. A Wix website will perform just as well on a desktop computer as a mobile or tablet device. In fact Wix sites have a special mobile site builder option that allows for many additional mobile friendly features such as mobile quick contact buttons to appear at the bottom of every screen and an easy to use menu navigation.


5. Great with SEO - Many people are concerned that a website built using a website builder like Wix won't perform as well with SEO as a website built traditionally using Joomla, JavaScript or WordPress. This is not the case. Wix websites have been proven to perform as well as if not better than traditionally built websites or even WordPress!